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On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 10:56, Carsten Fuchs <> wrote:
> Dear Lua folks,
> we've long been looking for a solution for documenting our C++ implemented
> Lua API (the Lua-based scripting API of our game engine Cafu,
>, preferably using Doxygen, and now that we've found it,
> we would like to share it:

FWIW: I've had good success with a slightly modified LuaDoc on our C
binding code that had LuaDoc-style comments wrapped in C comment
This is (ab)using the fact that LuaDoc takes a naive approach at
extracting the documentation: it simply searches for the marker
indicating the start of documentation and ignores all the rest.

-- This is my module doing ...

-- My foo function.
-- @name foo
-- @type function
-- @param bar Whether you want bar (boolean). Optional; default is false.
function foo(bar)
static int mymodule_foo(lua_State *L)