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On 3/16/11, Carsten Fuchs <> wrote:
> Dear Lua folks,
> we've long been looking for a solution for documenting our C++ implemented
> Lua API (the
> Lua-based scripting API of our game engine Cafu,,
> preferably using Doxygen,
> and now that we've found it, we would like to share it:

Thanks for sharing. This is something I am very interested in for my
own projects. Did you have to modify Doxygen or does all your stuff
work with stock? Do you have code/examples on how you generate your
Cpp-like files?

Along my own lines of thinking, I think I need something a little more
general/manual. I work on multiple projects and each does their
bindings differently and there isn't always a nice consistent
interface or class hierarchy. I've been thinking along the lines of
modifying Doxygen to understand new tags that I would use to declare a
script API exposed from C/C++/etc. However, I have not seriously
investigated how hard this would be. I would also need a way to ignore
the surrounding C/C++/etc code in the cases where I don't want those
details exposed to our scripting API docs.

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