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On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 5:27 PM, Reuben Thomas <> wrote:
>> What does it do?
> I am not sure how I can put it better than the README. In summary, a minimal Lua
> to C interface. How could I put this better?

Plenty of room for improvement, the readme contains only one
statement: "clue is a minimal C-Lua integration framework.", and the
header/API doc says nothing about tracebacks.

I'd suggest:

clue is a minimal C-Lua integration framework

It simplifies the instantiation of a lua state that implements some of
the behaviours of the standalone lua interpreter, such as printing of
tracebacks on for errors and handling of SIGINT. It also has
convenience macros for getting and setting lua variables, and loading
and calling lua code.

Easily 20 or 40 people might have spent 5 minutes downloading and
skimming the source, thats hours of wasted time to find what they
could have learned in 10 secs each, and you could have typed in 1

lua-l is getting pretty high traffic, if I didn't recognize your name
as a source of intelligent commentary, and wasn't puzzled by the
statement that it did something lua seems to do, I would I have simply
pressed delete.

Anyhow, a general suggestion to people making announcements of source
on this list - assuming you are announcing it so that people who can
enjoy its use will notice.

Checking out other people's libraries to see what their value
proposition is is time consuming, a few lines about what it does is
useful. Its particularly useful if you can know if the source is
useful or not based only on the contents of the email. Particularly
about "binding to foozit-3", should say what foozit-3 is for, so
readers who've never heard of it might realize its what they've always
wanted and never new existed.