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(pulled from a conversation about clue because its unrelated, and that
threads probably being ignored)

A general suggestion to people making announcements of source
on this list - assuming you are announcing it so that people who can
enjoy its use will notice.

lua-l is getting high traffic, and checking out other people's
libraries to see what their value
proposition is is time consuming. A few lines about what it does is

Its particularly useful if you can know if the source is
useful or not based only on the contents of the email.

Announcements about "binding to foozit-3", should say what foozit-3 is for, so
readers who've never heard of foozit might realize its what they've always
wanted and never knew existed.

Announcements of alternatives to existing libraries (yet another
bitop, unit test,
binding approach, etc.), should mention some of the distinctive features vs
its competitors.