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Hi Jiří,

I have scrolled through the code and I do not understand the need for your boxed object model (struct luacv_obj). OpenCV has reference counting for the data already. Why do you need this extra layer ?


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Jiří Prymus <> wrote:
Thanks Gaspard,

your feedback gave me a lot of new powers:). I'm glad  that you are
planning use LuaCV in your Lubyk project, but please consider that
LuaCV is in early alpha stage. It has functionality, but it  wasn't
tested as far as I want. It has up to 16000 lines of code so be sure
I've made some mistakes.

And about integrating LuaCV to OpenCV source package. It would be
awesome, but even if I had a chance I don't do that until I'll be sure
that LuaCV is relatively bug free.

Btw: I'll take a look on your Lubyk project, it looks promising.

Jiří Prymus

2011/3/8 Gaspard Bucher <>:
> Jiří, I love you !
> I created a first OpenCV binding against a previous version but could not
> find the time to rework the bindings for 2.2.
> Your bindings look very good (much better then mine) and much more complete.
> I will therefore use your work in Lubyk. I'll keep you posted on the
> integration of OpenCV there: it might be an interesting environment for your
> projects too (easy access to GUI, live coding, live video, etc).
> If possible, please consider pushing your bindings to the OpenCV sources (I
> was given commit access just for this but never considered my work good
> enough for the move)...
> Your the man !
> Gaspard