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07/03/2011 18:40, Ryan Pusztai wrote:

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 9:39 AM, Hakki Dogusan <
<>> wrote:

    Nice, isn't it ;-))

    Btw. That is standard way.. You may build it as a single
    (monolithic) file like me.

Can you share your build settings for the completely monolithic wxLua?
Maybe even off line? I have a single build working, but I am having
trouble updating to using the latest wxLua. (2KiB)

- Using Code::Blocks IDE
- Windows version tested against wxLua-2.8.10
  (Resulting wx.dll is ~7MiB)
- wxWidgets-2.8.11 built with:
mingw32-make -fmakefile.gcc MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=release RUNTIME_LIBS=dynamic UNICODE=1

Hope it helps.


Hakki Dogusan