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I was planning to teach myself what is possible to do with graphical
user interfaces in Lua.

Naturally my first step was to assemble a list of available toolkits,
but the result is kind of depressing-ish:

    + lqt - Qt is awesome, and if lqt had a documentation I suppose it
would be awesome too, but lqt is very much impossible to use without a
documentation (at least not without doing hours of attempting to
translate the official Qt documentation into Lua, which can be very
    + GTK - Haven't really looked into this one, mainly because i'd
like to keep the result platform independent, and the autohell hazzle
is a serious party pooper
    + IUP - same as GTK plus the fact that it pretty much limits
itself to Windows, Mac and Linux, and the API is, mildly put, strange

What GUI libraries do you use? Experiences? Please share. :-)