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I haven't any precise benchmark results. But if I run "time" command
on "drawing.lua" example and "drawing.c " which are basically the
same, I'll got these numbers.

./drawing  9,50s user 0,28s system 79% cpu 12,356 total
./drawing.lua  9,62s user 0,35s system 78% cpu 12,697 total

It was measured on my old laptop with celeron cpu 1.6 GHz and 2GB ddr2 ram.

I'm developing this library to partially replace matlab image
processing toolbox for education on my university. So I was interested
in comparition  between wrapper and matlab. Wrapper with OpenCV was
min. 10x faster than matlab.

So these are only bench results I have, but they are only informative.

And finally thanks for feedback.

Jiří Prymus

2011/3/8 Jayanth Acharya <>:
> Thanks Jiri, this is excellent, as just 2-3 days ago I was trying to figure
> out whether OpenCV bindings exist. Did you do any perf. benchmarks vis-a-vis
> native OpenCV usage on some of the examples ? I am certainly going to try
> this out short, i.e. as soon as my frame-grabber starts working :)