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Thanks Jiri, this is excellent, as just 2-3 days ago I was trying to figure out whether OpenCV bindings exist. Did you do any perf. benchmarks vis-a-vis native OpenCV usage on some of the examples ? I am certainly going to try this out short, i.e. as soon as my frame-grabber starts working :)

2011/3/8 Jiří Prymus <>
Hi all,

I have finally made new milestone version of OpenCV binding to Lua.
For now it includes whole C API from OpenCV (core, imgproc, highgui
module).  Main changes since last version are OpenCV-2.2
compatibility, new allocation system (boxed pointers) and finally
whole imgproc module. I have rewritten many sample programs from
Opencv/samples/c directory, so you can easily compare complexity of
both implementations. In this moment are fully/partially implemented
63 structures and 489 functions from OpenCV.

You can go to sourceforge repository to see more info or get the
And if you are interested, feel free to comment/criticise.