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On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 6:36 AM, Jayanth Acharya <> wrote:
> seems very interesting as a concept.[...]
> my main desire for 'batteries' is not so much for it's load-and-fire
> use, but rather the convenience of not having to look/try/compare
> modules/packages especially where there are more than one performing a
> task and be able to bank on someone more experienced (and possibly
> smarter) than me, to have done that for me, s.t. i could get
> productive sooner.
> for instance, i am not sure what to go with, when it comes to --
>  OOP with Lua
>  base64 encoding
>  Concurrancy
>  HTTP client library

Those things are covered by the LuaForge2 and Lua Cookbook efforts
(which don't really exist yet).  They are also covered by the wiki
(which exists today): under "Networking
Generic / Low-level"

except that the wiki content could be improved.  Improving it requires
people who will study the various alternatives in detail and to write
about them, kind-of like these:

One thing about (or LuaForge2) is that there is some
emphasis on automatic metrics like # downloads or # github watchers
over prose (as on the wiki).