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On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 9:18 PM, Matthew Wild <> wrote:
> best. Alternatively there are clear advantages by sticking with
> whatever is already packaged for Debian/Ubuntu, as it saves a lot of
> packaging headaches.

Two ideal situations:
(1) Hisham's vision

$ sudo apt-get install luarocks
$ sudo luarocks install batteries

(such a rock does not exist yet of course - we would have to decide
what goes into a 'minimal' set of batteries)

(2) Somebody makes a .deb which depends on the desired packages.

(or even a script that feeds into apt-get)

Best of both worlds would be if luarocks could provide per-platform
alternatives, so if you ask for luasocket you get the native package,
etc. That would take some thinking because it's necessarily different
for the common package managers (apt,yum,macports, etc) and is
something to think about for future luarocks directions.

What are the 'desired packages'? I think that's what currently being
debated. A minimal core would include luafilesystem, luasocket,
luaexpat (for XML), lpeg, Alien, ....  After that it gets fuzzy. For
instance, luaposix is a must for Unix, LuaCOM is a must for Windows.
Lua-Gnome is available on Ubuntu, but that's not everyone's cup of

steve d.