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Reuben Thomas <> writes:
>>> And pkg-config isn't POSIX, whereas Zile's build system is.
>> Lua isn't POSIX either...  :)
> On the contrary, Lua works fine on any POSIX system

All I meant was that Lua was not something provided by POSIX, but is
still of course a useful tool -- like pkg-config.

> So it can take advantage of some system-specific features, but it
> doesn't require them; the core is famously C89 only.

Sure, but "taking advantage of system-specific features, but not
requiring them" is also a description of what optional check for
pkg-config in configure does.

Anyway, if you'd rather users should specify the system config on the
configure command line, it's obviously your choice.

[My _personal_ goal for writing a configure file is that it should work
without guidance on "common" systems.  Obviously this is sometimes
difficult and not worth it -- but pkg-config often makes it much


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