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Wesley Smith <> writes:
>> My guess has been that this would entail using FFI's parser to
>> automatically produce C-code for a traditional Lua-C interface library,
>> but use dynamic FFI interfaces for LuaJIT.  Build-time configuration
>> could detect whether LuaJIT was available or not, and arrange for the
>> appropriate method to be used.
> Given the properly generated C code, it could be compiled a runtime
> using luaclang.  It doesn't come cheap (Clang/LLVM is a big project),
> but it does compile C-code on the fly quickly.  luaclang can be easily
> ripped out of LuaAV simply by grabbing a handful of header files along
> with it.

I suspect for a lot of projects, that would be wayyyy overkill and
compile-time generated thunks would be a better method.  Using LLVM
would dramatically increase the size and number of a program's
dependencies, and wouldn't offer any significant speed advantage.


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