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Robert G. Jakabosky wrote:
> When trying to verify the fix, I got this assertion from the server instance 
> of the script:
> luajit: lj_record.c:106: rec_check_slots: Assertion `((((((tr))>>24) & 
> IRT_TYPE) - (TRef)(IRT_NUM) <= (TRef)(IRT_INT-IRT_NUM)))' failed.

This was an unrelated problem. Thank you for the report! Fixed in
git HEAD.

> Without assertions turned on the server & client run without crashing on the 
> ffi.copy() bug.

The message you send back and forth grows without bounds, since
you append a NUL-terminator on every send. So I still do get a
crash in memcpy after running this for a while. Probably because
the ZeroMQ buffer isn't big enough.