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2011/2/18 David Given <>:
> This looks very intriguing; are the bundled versions of libev and Lua
> patched? (In other words, can I build it to work with Debian's default
> versions?)

As you see I usually just build a libev main loop, Lua and the glue code
I wrote into one executable. I didn't do anything to libev and the only
change I made to Lua is to make luaconfig.h include the settings from
lem/config.h. So I guess it would be possible to dynamically link to
libev and Lua libraries.

> Will it work with libev3?

Actually I just updated from libev from 3.x to 4.03 before putting the code on
Github, and as far as I remember I didn't need to make any changes.
So yeah, I think it should just work.

> In addition I notice that the license for lem is GPL, which is unusual
> for a library. Is that intentional or an oversight?

Mmm.. the event machine itself isn't a library. It's a standalone interpreter
with a libev event loop, which the lem-* libraries can hook in to plus a few
other functions libraries can use to resume coroutines or exit the event

I did, however, not give much thought to how to license the lem-streams
and lem-dbus libraries, but since they depend on the event machine
would it make much difference if they had a different license?