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On 17/02/2011, at 10:03 AM, Mike Pall wrote:

>> D'oh!  I thought it was already available, but no.  Well, it is now, from here:
> Umm, consider offering the pure Lua file for download. I don't
> think that OSX-attributes-in-tar-gz-thing masquerading as
> ray.lua.gz (which it is not) would work for most users. :-)

Thanks, fixed

> BTW: You forgot tonumber() for arg[1] etc.

Likewise (as for all fixes, I might have got the fix wrong too :-)

>> It'd be great if someone fixed it up to use the FFI
> I'm not sure it would help. The data structures are not the
> bottleneck here. The branchiness caused by the particular scene is
> difficult to handle for the trace compiler.

Right.  Would the ffi help if it was using tables (or ffi structures) instead of local variables for x,y and z?