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Alexander Gladysh wrote:
> You may be interested in the post below, covering 4D ray-tracing
> implementations benchmarking, where LJ2 loses the battle against
> Google Chrome.

I've seen that, but couldn't reply on the forum.

> I'm not making any conclusions from that — I did not look on the code,
> so please don't get angry. :-)

Well, I did. It's probably the crappiest Lua code I've seen in a
while. And the crappiest ray tracer, too.

I mean ... lots of globals, tons of trivial loops with an
iteration count of three, branchy as hell, and so on. This thing
spends more than 50% of its time in the garbage collector, too.
I sincerely hope nobody writes Lua code like this.

It's quite apparent the original author has zero prior experience
with Lua and very little experience with programming dynamic
languages in general. Then he probably shouldn't write and publish
benchmarks for Lua.