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I propose the next Lua workshop be held on the Moon.  Some advantages:

1.  Aside from some dubious claims from the Yip Yips
(, nobody owns the Moon and thus there are
no political embargoes to worry about.

2.  It's equally difficult for everyone to get to the Moon, so nobody
will feel that the location is unfair.

3.  It's the freakin' MOON!  That's way cooler than Perl conferences
on cruise ships off the Alaska coastline.

4.  Because "Lua" means "Moon" in Portuguese, we get some added
benefit of having built-in Abbot and Costello "Who's on First"

     "Where is the Lua workshop being held?"


     "Yes, Lua.  The Lua workshop.  Where is it?"


     "If you don't know, just say so."


     ... and so on ...

5.  Everyone can at some point go, "I can see my house from here!"

6.  It's been more than eleven years since September 13th, 1999, and
the Moon hasn't broken out of Earth's orbit yet

Yeah, there are some logistical issues to work out, but that's the
case with any location.  And because some people choose to focus on
problems rather than solutions, I'm sure there will be complaints like
"there is no Internet connection there" and "I can't breath."  What a
bunch of whiners.