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On 9 February 2011 09:38, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
> If I had to write something for desktop and could not use HTML GUI,
> I'd, probably, use ltcltk:

Seconded. I've been using ltcltk for a few slightly hacky GUI tools to
help with my research. tk looks a little ugly, but using the ttk_*
widgets and setting the theme to 'clam' rather than the default makes
it look retro rather than prehistoric. None of the other bindings
struck me as being as stable, easy to use, or easy to compile and
redistribute. Plus I quite like the Tk API.

I've had quite a lot of experience with Gtk through the gtkmm library,
so I'm keenly watching the gobject-introspection based lgi. I like the
idea that most of the hassle of making sure Gtk API bindings work is
going upstream to projects that can be shared by bindings for
different languages. A disadvantage is it requires a recent
gobject-introspection package that's only available in the 11.04
Ubuntu repositories.