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On 08/02/2011 10.56, Steve Litt wrote:
Yeah, everyone but me just LOVES MVC. Me -- every time I see MVC I just keep
asking myself "OK, where do I put this, where do I put that?" If I liked MVC I
would have been a Rails man a long time ago :-)

Don't tell me... I'm programming on iOS right now. The language is good but the libraries' MVC-based bureaucracy is overwhelming: hundreds of lines of code just to present the simplest list.
(I know there are Lua frameworks for iOS, but I need full control)

I think these environments (Android is even worse in this respect) are designed to keep programmers inside a rigid conceptual fence, perhaps to be able to use many 'quantity programmers' instead of just a few 'quality programmers'. A question of supply and demand, I suppose: there's an endless supply of the former type.

Borland's C++ Builder/Delphi was open to misuse but it was also a lot more productive, as Lua is (in a different way, of course).