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On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 2:18 PM, GrayFace <> wrote:
> I'd say metatables stuff may indeed get messy, mostly because there's no
> standard OO.

After all, it's such fun to do our own; sometimes I think this was a
lost opportunity.  A straightforward metatable-based OOP scheme is
maybe a hundred lines of code, which hides the 'uncomfortable' stuff
and puts it behind a 'standard' facade.  If such a little module were
included in the Lua 5.1 distribution (like strict.lua) then perhaps we
would not have such fragmentation.

> I haven't heard of full OO implementations at all, by which I
> mean support for properties, hence privates; reflection. That's the number 1
> candidate for standard library IMO.

Properties in the sense of getters and setters yes.  All the pieces
are out there, but a framework that does it all could suffer in
performance (for instance, you need a special __index to handle
properties, which would also have to look up plain-jane methods). In
general this is probably premature anxiety.

steve d.