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Mike Pall <> writes:
>> I understand that the FFI is tightly integrated, and for good reason,
>> but how coupled is the C parser to the rest of luajit? That's a tool
>> that could have many uses as part of other programs as well.
> The C parser and the C type management rely on interned strings,
> but otherwise have relatively few dependencies on the VM. But it's
> designed as a declaration parser only. It captures what I needed
> for the FFI, but ignores everything else.
> I'm sure there are better and more flexible C parsers out there,
> if you need to inspect C code. Maybe not with such a low memory
> footprint, though.

FFI seems very cool but the reliance on LuaJIT is an issue.  For normal
Lua programs, the fact that one can fall back to the portable Lua
implementation is a very nice property.

So I'm wondering:  if your C parser is (theoretically) usable outside of
LuaJIT, maybe it could be used as part of a tool that automatically
generates traditional Lua-C interface functions, which could then be
used when LuaJIT isn't available -- on systems where LuaJIT _was_
available, of course, one would use fast FFI (choosing between the two
alternatives at package build time).

For such a scenario, the fact that it was the same parser that
LuaJIT-FFI uses would be a real benefit.


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