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On 21 January 2011 14:06, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> The FFI library is tightly integrated into LuaJIT (it's not available
> as a separate module). The code generated by the JIT-compiler for
> accesses to C data structures from Lua code is on par with the code a
> C compiler would generate. Calls to C functions can be inlined in
> JIT-compiled code, unlike calls to functions bound via the classic
> Lua/C API.
> (*) In case anyone wonders: Yes, this means the FFI library includes
> a full-blown C parser (actually C99 + GCC/MSVC extensions). It's
> currently missing a C pre-processor. Some C++ features are supported,
> too. But complete C++ support is not coming anytime soon. :-)

I understand that the FFI is tightly integrated, and for good reason,
but how coupled is the C parser to the rest of luajit? That's a tool
that could have many uses as part of other programs as well.