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2011/1/26 Henk Boom <>:
> On 25 January 2011 16:14, CrazyButcher <> wrote:
>> cool stuff!
>> however the opengl binding won't be as easily. Because functions from
>> extensions must be queried through wgl/glxGetProcAddress and dont
>> exist in the .dll (at least on windows)
> They don't exist in the .dll, or they don't exist in the header file?
> I remember having some luck getting at the extension functions with
> alien, though that may have been on linux. Alien throws an error
> instead of returning an error code when you try to load a function
> that doesn't exist, though, so I had to pcall() loading every function
> that might not be present.

They don't exist in the dll, and you cannot even get them through
wglGetProcAddress before creating and activating a proper resource
context. In theory the pointer may not even be the same for different
contexts (though I think in practice it always is, at least for
contexts supporting the feature).