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cool stuff!

however the opengl binding won't be as easily. Because functions from
extensions must be queried through wgl/glxGetProcAddress and dont
exist in the .dll (at least on windows)

2011/1/25 malkia <>:
> Hi group,
> I have been reading lua mailing list for quite some time, and decided
> to share something small that I wrote these days.
> Using Mike Pall's awesome FFI, I was able to quickly bind GLFW, OpenGL
> and OpenCL, and ported few small examples (Planning on bigger).
> I'll probably change the name to something else.
> All the bindings were done outside the standard way of doing bindings,
> but only using the FFI.
> So far I've had only one issue, not being able to do callbacks (as
> Mike explained lua -> FFI -> C -> lua).
> I've looked for workarounds, and found that using GLFW, instead of
> GLUT would do it.
> GLUT requires handlers for display, reshape, etc. function, while
> although GLFW although can do them through callbacks, one can do by
> simply creating it's own loop, and polling.
> I'm thinking that I might be able to use this as Maya/MotionBuilder
> plugin (instead of MEL, C++ or python). I guess I'll recompile luajit
> as DLL, and hook it someway.
> I really want to just code, and not compile, restart, etc. and lua allows that.
> Thank you,
> Dimiter "malkia" Stanev,