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> The git importation could be better.

Yes, it certainly could.

>  - The CVSROOT directories are useless with git.
>  - The .cvsignore files shall be renamed to .gitignore

I didn't want to make modifications to history, since rewriting
history is error-prone (CVSROOT is added as the very first commit in
all the repositories) and making changes at the end of history would
make those repositories appear more active than they are. If the last
CVS commit was in 2005, I think it would be better if github shows
that last commit at the top, rather than displaying a 2011 commit and
making it look like it's an active repository.

Generally, I aimed to be conservative in this conversion, erring on
the side of not making any modifications to the history. Deleting
directories and renaming files can be done later, by people who
maintain those repositories.

>  - You can suppress the first directory level, it is redundant with
> the project name.

This is true for some repositories, but not for all.

 - yuri