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All LuaForge CVS repositories have been converted to git and put on
github, except those that either had already been converted before and
those that the authors asked me to not convert.

If you are a repository owner, you can do one of the following things:

1. Do nothing.
2. Email me and ask for your repository to be deleted.
3. Fork your repository on github and then email me and ask me to get
it "re-rooted" to you. (I.e., your copy will become primary.)

A repository for a luaforge project named "foo" would be available
under The authors of the commits are
identified with luaforge IDs + "".

The "luaforge" account also "watches" the repositories that had been
converted earlier, so you can find them under:

See for links to newly
converted repositories as well as the ones converted earlier.

Please test the repositories for projects you care about and let me
know if you find any problems. (Also, don't fork any repositories for
now, in case problems are discovered.)

- yuri

The converted repositories:

bitstring, cauldron, cdlib, class, compat, etree, geoip, grt,
gtksudoku, gzio, harmony, helper-threads, html, imtoolkit, iup, json,
lar, latt, l-bia, lewm, lineqpp, lldebug, lmemory, lsd, lst,
lua4wince, luabinaries, luacrypto, luacurses, lua-dbus, luadc,
lua-eclipse-ide, luaedit, lua-ex, luaexpat, luafann, luafuzzy, luagl,
lua-gtk, luahttpd, luakit, lualangpack, lualdap, lualogging, luamidi,
luaobjc, luaopenid, luapascal, luapop3, luaposix, luaprofiler,
luapython, lua-rdiff, luarsa, luaservice, luasofia, lua-studio,
luasync, lua-tcc, luaunit, lua-wow, lua-yapp, luazip, meique, metalua,
numlua, o-two, ripcvt, roman, simulua, siteadmin, swirl, tclua, tekui,
toluaxx, unique, venv, w32wrappers