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On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 20:19, Tang Daogang <> wrote:
> Hi,
> anybody has done the work: support '//' ( or '#' )  as lua's one line
> comment identifier? Like it's original '--' .
> I have looked for , find no patch
> about it.
> And I have added '!=' to lua source code, to stay the same as javascript,
> python, c, c++, java, php, and many others.
> Thx.

Repeat after me....

    "Lua is NOT C/C++/C#/Java/{Insert Language of Choice here}"

I used to go to the trouble of patching the source to allow "!=" and a
few others.  What a waste of time that was (for me).  Every new
version would require patching.  My code was not portable.  If I
wanted to post a code snippet to the list or the web I would have to
remove my personal syntactic idiosyncrasies to make my code readable
by others (or go through the trouble of explaining my dialect).  I
finally figured out that it didn't really buy me anything and simply
incurred an additional time burden (which always seems to be in short

Your mileage may vary - but for me - it was NOT worth the trouble.


If you lose your name you become small,
If you lose your spirit you become nothing