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Michal Kottman wrote:
> I have a question I wanted to ask for a long time - are there any plans
> to support C++? Using a database of classes/methods/arguments, I could
> replace the whole 25Mb generated Qt bindings with a single library that
> generates bindings on-the-fly. This is just a dream, but I hope there is
> a faint chance of it becoming true :)

Everything in the LuaJIT FFI is prepared to support C++, but I
think implementing it will be a nightmare rather than a dream. :-)

Getting simple textbook examples of C++ up and running is
certainly doable. The problem is that none of the real-world code
out there works that way. Inline functions and templates are just
a few of the main stumbling blocks. E.g. Boost is hopeless (not
that it would be that useful for Lua).

So if and when I add C++ support, it'll be a handpicked subset.
The problem is that everyone needs a different subset. And Qt has
a very quaint idea of that, too.

Alas, I do have other plans for the next ten years of my life than
implementing a full-blown C++ compiler. So don't hold your breath.