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> I note that we have a plain list of all projects, links pointing to

This is just for testing. When all is setup, the /projects/ URL will
list all projects in the catalog, regardless of where they have their

> Do we have the other metadata, like Trove classification, etc?

Yes, but I plan to remap it. Some of the trove categories are mapped
onto project fields. E.g., license, language and OS. A few get mapped
to generic "tags". Some are dropped, because they do not seem to be
used in a meaningful way and just add noise (e.g., "natural
language"). So, the data from
currently becomes:

title = "Xavante"
owners = "carregal,jguerra,mascarenhas"
creator = "carregal,crivano,dburgess,hisham,ignacio,jguerra,mascarenhas,tomas,tuler"
abstract = [[
Xavante is a Lua embeddable standalone Web server based on Copas and
coxpcall. It handles HTTP 1.1 requests and offers CGILua support.
license = "MIT/X"
language = "lua 5"
tags = "cgi tools/libraries, http servers"
activity = "63.33%"
registered = "2004-06-14 20:50"
os = "os independent"
website = "";

In this case, I am dropping "natural language" (which appears to be
English for all projects), "development status" (which I think is
sometimes out of date or sometimes wishful), and "intended audience"
(which really should just say "lua nerds" for pretty much all

- yuri