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As you have probably heard before, Luaforge cannot be supported
further in its current form and will transition to a setup that would
aim to preserve the maximum amount of value within available resource
constraints. The focus of this transition is making things simpler to
facilitate long term preservation. Luaforge will continue to function
as a simplified catalog of Lua projects, while most of other content
(e.g., released files) will be converted into a static format.
The expected transition date is February 1, 2011. Until then, the new
service is being setup on a temporary staging domain
You can see the status of the preparation at

Projects that do not use mailing lists, CVS, forums, trackers, or
"docman" documentation, do not need to do anything at the moment.
(Though, you should have a look at the page shown above to check that
all services that you use are covered.) Owners of projects that do use
those services, please read on.

## Projects using CVS

CVS repositories are now read-only. They will be shortly converted to
git repositories and put on github. If this sounds good, then just
wait for more information. If you would prefer for your your
repositories to NOT converted, please email me. (Alternatively, you
can email me later and ask me to delete your repositories.) See for more information.

## Projects using Luaforge mailing lists

If you want your mailing list to stay active past Feb. 1, you should
find an alternative mailing list provider, such as sourceforge or
google groups. Please see for details.

## Projects using "docman" for documentation

Your documents will be preserved _if_ we find references to them in
2010 or 2011 apache logs. So, make sure to download your documents.

## Projects using forums and trackers

Both services will be discontinued. I am looking into a way to export
forum and tracker data but I am yet to figure out how to do this. So,
help on this front would be appreciated. Otherwise, it is possible
that forum and tracker data would have to be dropped.

- yuri