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On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 11:31 AM, kevin beckford <> wrote:
> "Wait, why can't I just bind lua to the getopt library?"

Good question, except for the 'just'.  In fact it might be easier to
carefully study the specs and write a compatible library in Lua.

As for preferring to use the system package manager, it seems to be a
good way to go, (unless you don't have a package manager.  Windows
package management seems to be a fragmented, fringe activity.)

However, one cannot expect the package manager to keep up-to-date with
bleeding-edge releases or small specialized libraries, which is where
luarocks is useful.  But I've noticed there's a certain tension in the
air between LR and apt-get, since LR e.g will not recognize the Debian
LuaSockets package as satisfying any such dependency in LR packages.

(There are a lot of package managers and harmonizing them all with LR
would require serious work and thinking)

steve d.