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I fear this is a terribly obvious thing, but I was going over some
list answers, and re-reading the getopt discussion I thought:

"Wait, why can't I just bind lua to the getopt library?"

My C is terrible, and ancient, but when I say "getopt" we all know
what I'm talking about, and now that I realize _clearly_  that Lua
will aim to implement ANSI C, and no more, then why would I not , if
looking for library code, just bind the C libs I want to lua, or, in a
much less fiddly and agonizingly tangential way, find libraries that
are already done.  For example from macports, which is my preferred
package manager on osX:  ( versioning is easily and more to the point,
reproducibly changeable )

lua-copas @1.1.5 (devel)
Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services for Lua

lua-coxpcall @1.13.0 (devel)
Coroutine-safe xpcall and pcall versions

lua-glut @0.5 (devel)
OpenGL and GLUT bindings for the Lua programming language.

lua-lua-gd @2.0.33r2 (devel, graphics)
Lua interface to the gd library

lua-luaexpat @1.1 (devel)
SAX XML parser

lua-luafilesystem @1.5.0 (devel)
File System Library for the Lua Programming Language

lua-luahpdf @0.1 (devel)
Lua module that lets you programmatically create PDF files

lua-luasec @0.4 (devel)
LuaSec is a binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication

lua-luasocket @2.0.2 (devel)
The luasocket library extends lua with tcp, udp, and dns

lua-luazip @1.2.3 (devel)
LuaZip is a Lua extension library used to read files stored inside zip files.

lua-lunit @0.3 (devel)
The lunit library extends lua with a simple unit testing framework

lua-numlua @0.2.1 (devel)
Numerical package for the Lua programming language.

lua-wsapi @1.4 (devel)
Lua Web Server API

lua-xavante @2.0.1 (devel, www)
A Lua Web Server with WSAPI support

Found 14 ports.

Now, this all seems pretty obvious.  I shall take this opportunity to
mention the "Dunning-Kruger" effect, which is why I'm asking here, is
this a viable way to move forward, or is there some great flaw in my
reasoning here?