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As there were some messages continued on a smaller private-to email
"group". I created an offlist for those who wish to continue to share
their thoughts on this subject:  Especially since
in my opinion we just had one of this interesting conversion points
where people realized they need to talk aboutthe different meaning and
understandings for each term. Anyway I hope those who want can opt-in
to discuss without emoitionialising the topic - vanity or being angry
about it. Those not interested won't thus be pestered about it.

Personally I'd like much more to talk about some form of continue
anyway :-) Since that bites me every time requiring some quirky
workarounds :-)

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 6:35 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy
<> wrote:
> May I ask the list to stop the discussion about arrays/holes/#/lists/
> table.insert?
> We have had hundreds of messages about this subject in less than a
> month.  As already pointed out, there are too many paralel discussions,
> too many different meanings for each term, too many misunderstandings,
> too many mesages trying to clarify misunderstandings, too many messages
> trying to clarify the misunderstanding created by messages trying to
> clarify misunderstandings, etc.
> Please, avoid the vanity of thinking that your message will be the
> one to solve all the mess.
> If we were starting the discussion now, we could try to sort that
> out. But after way too many messages and not even an agreement about
> what is the fuss, I would like to suggest a moratorium of this
> subject. That would give time to anyone that still cares to think deeply
> about the subject, to do experiments, and (hopefully) to think about
> something else. And would greatly reduce the huge volume of messages the
> list is having these days.
> -- Roberto