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May I ask the list to stop the discussion about arrays/holes/#/lists/

We have had hundreds of messages about this subject in less than a
month.  As already pointed out, there are too many paralel discussions,
too many different meanings for each term, too many misunderstandings,
too many mesages trying to clarify misunderstandings, too many messages
trying to clarify the misunderstanding created by messages trying to
clarify misunderstandings, etc.

Please, avoid the vanity of thinking that your message will be the
one to solve all the mess.

If we were starting the discussion now, we could try to sort that
out. But after way too many messages and not even an agreement about
what is the fuss, I would like to suggest a moratorium of this
subject. That would give time to anyone that still cares to think deeply
about the subject, to do experiments, and (hopefully) to think about
something else. And would greatly reduce the huge volume of messages the
list is having these days.

-- Roberto