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On 01/13/2011 12:58 AM, Miles Bader wrote:
Javier Guerra Giraldez<>  writes:
However suddenly this month Lua is #9!! leaping over giants like Ruby,
Javascript, Objective-C and the highly pumped Go.

hum; above javascript?  doesn't seem too much rooted in reality.
maybe it's a wishlist and not an index? :-)

It clearly isn't a measure of usage.  Maybe it's a "what's hot / what's
not" type list, based on discussion volume in various forums or


Both tiobe and the transparency index could be thought of as "hype meters" as they measure internet activity and not lines of code written. I still think it is interesting that there is a spike.

On a side note. I'd like to express my sympathy for the those in Brazil and Australia suffering from floods, particularly Brazil, which has now lost a large number of lives.