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First of all as this is my first message to the list I wanted to say hi to 


Before expose my questions I would like to note that I don't want anybody to 
expose a silver-bullet for all my probs, just need some inight about how peopple 

ussually do that in orther to let me start rolling and develop my own system.

I have a 2D basic editor written in Qt, and I'm in  the process of adding 
entities. I want the editor to be able to receive  RTTI information from 
entities to change properties, create some logic  being able to link published 
events to published actions (for example, A  level activate event throws a door 
open action), etc... . And here is where lua enters the game.

On the other hand I want to use a component based design for my entities, and 
here starts my questions:

I have decided to create my components in C++ side and export needed things to 
Lua. Making lua define entities by composition of C++ components (Entity 
templates). Don't really know if Entity class (just a container for componentes) 

should be a lua class or C++ class.

How are engines like cryengine, etc... have all this rtti information exposed in 

their editors? 

I have some ideas but don't know how feasibles they are. For example, I have a 
Health component, I have come across I could expose the Health component to Lua, 

and two methods getHealth() setHealth(), this way the editor could ask the 
entity with this component all "get"XXXXX and show in the editor the XXXXX as a 
property the designer can change. Does this makes any sense?

To bring some more information I have to say that my editor is external, not 
ingame editor.

Thanks in advance,