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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:36 PM, Andre Carregal <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, due to a recent career move I won't be able to continue
> the role of LuaForge administrator and therefore I'm passing the
> control of LuaForge to a small group composed of Yuri Takhteyev, Jim
> Whitehead II, Steve Donovan and Fabio Mascarenhas.

Thanks a lot for your hard work over the years, André. Your efforts
have been vital to the development of the Lua community.

Your push to build an ecosystem around Lua through LuaForge and Kepler
(with LuaRocks being one of its byproducts) has done a lot to drive
Lua beyond its established niches, even if we're only beginning to
feel the effects of this work.

I know at times it felt like an uphill battle to take the language and
its community out of their comfort zone, but I hope you know that it
was much appreciated, and I'm sure I don't speak for myself only.

My thanks extend to everyone who worked in these projects, but having
been myself part of Kepler, I know your involvement was key to keep it
all going for as long as it did and to take it to the point we're at.
I'm also happy to see LuaForge being passed to such talented hands and
I wish them great success.

-- Hisham