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As many of you have already noticed and some recently mentioned on
this list, LuaForge quality of service has been quite below par for
the last months and, unfortunately, this situation won't get better in
the near future. On the contrary, any other breakdown like the one we
had in 2009 would mean the end of the site as it is.

Unfortunately, due to a recent career move I won't be able to continue
the role of LuaForge administrator and therefore I'm passing the
control of LuaForge to a small group composed of Yuri Takhteyev, Jim
Whitehead II, Steve Donovan and Fabio Mascarenhas.

While they are working on the transition to a new site (no longer
using GForge as the engine), LuaForge should not be considered an
active project hosting site anymore but rather a catalog for Lua
projects and an archive of software produced over the last five

The following services will still be available during the transition:

- Catalog Web Interface
- Project Sites (read only)
- CVS (read only)

We don't have anymore the support structure for critical services and
we strongly recommend migrating your current project site and CVS (if
ever used) to a different hosting and SCM solution. Please contact us
off list if you need help for that.

Data currently in LuaForge, in particular the released files, will be
backed up for public projects an we will try our best to keep the old
URLs working. Mailing lists are going to be shutdown in the next
months unless someone volunteers to host them.

It was an honor having the chance to work on LuaForge for so long and
I'd like to thank everyone involved with it so far and also the
patience of the users along the way. A special thanks go for those
that directly helped making LuaForge possible, in alphabetical order:

- Alessandro Hecht (Fábrica Digital, support)
- Bruno Lessa (Fábrica Digital, sponsor)
- CNPq, sponsor
- Daniel Lins (IMPA, support)
- Daniel Schwabe (TecWeb, sponsor)
- FINEP, sponsor
- Paulo Fernando (Atual, support)
- Roberto Beauclair (IMPA, sponsor)

Those 5 years resulted in some pretty impressive numbers:

- 2,200 users
- 512 projects
- 59,576,102 site views
- 2,553,649 downloads, of which almost 1/3 were of Lua Binaries

Let the new phase of LuaForge begin and we should see even more! :o)