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We're pleased to announce the latest stable release of the LuaAV
audiovisual scirpting environment for OSX and Linux.  This release is
OSX only.  Linux users will have to build from source for the time
being.  The latest release can be found on the LuaAV website[1].

LuaAV is an integrated programming environment based upon extensions
to the Lua programming language to enable the tight real-time
integration of computation, time, sound and space.  It consists of an
application for executing Lua scripts and a collection of libraries
and Lua modules for sonic, visual and spatial computation.

Core Functionality
- Interleaved scripting of sound and graphics
- Precise scheduler with both synchronous and asynchronous timing models
- Real-time scripting and code generated compilation of audio synthesis routines
- Cross-platform Lua modules for portable scripting

Essential Lua Modules
- Array: create and manage large blocks of memory such as images,
audio files, geometry data, etc.
- audio: define and generate audio synthesis routines
- font: load and process font files using FreeType
- gui: OpenGL-based GUI toolkit
- Image: image file I/O
- midi: MIDI I/O
- opencl: high-level bindings to the OpenCL framework
- opengl: bindings to OpenGL C API and high-level abstractions for
textures, shaders, meshes, and common drawing routines
- osc: Open Sound Control network messaging
- space: spatial computation module containing vector math,
quaternions, and spatial partitioning and collision functionality
- video: video camera control, video file playback, and video recording