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> * Installing Lua from source
> * Extending the Lua interpreter
> * Embedding Lua in C (for games programming)
> * Linking C libraries to Lua
> * Using Luarocks / Lunit
> * Creating you own Luarocks module
> * Testing / Profiling / Debugging Lua scripts
> * Using databases with Lua
> * Web scraping with Lua (http libraries including ssl)
> * Serving web sites with Lua (Kepler, Tir, Mongrel, lighttpd)

These are great! We could, as said before, add topics regarding data structures, useful libs and common techniques (OOP,  iterators, functional programming,...) and I think it would be just right.

+1 for markdown and pandoc, I've used it for some writings and it's downright more pleasant than raw LaTex

I love the idea, let's get a repository going (I think github is fine if everyone agrees) and start collaborating.