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Hi, list!

We discussed Lua Cookbook initiative here recently, but without a
definite conclusion.

My vision:

1. We need Lua Cookbook to help educate new users.

2. What "Cookbook" is? We need an explicit definition. Someone who
actually used such things (I never did) please step up, and tell. Look
at "Perl Cookbook" for an inspiration (other good Cookbooks around?
share links please).

3. This should be a book (as something finite). Even if we do not
actually publish it. For book format an collaboration model I suggest
to look at Pro Git book: , .

4. The naïve plan:

-- Define book format
-- Brainstorm a list of topics
-- Cull a list of topics to a list of articles
-- Assign volunteer authors
-- Formulate a submission, collaboration, editing process.
-- Write articles
-- ...

5. I should be able to contribute a few articles myself. Few people on
the list volunteered as well (but we need more support!)

6. We should push this plan to the list of articles item. After that
things have a chance to roll on to completion.