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> Good question!  The idea is that people use whatever hosting they are
> comfortable with, and we construct a catalog site of Lua projects.
> LuaForge will remain viable as a catalog, but there are several holes
> below the water line and it is slowly sinking.

Yes, the idea has been to make sure that data currently in LuaForge
doesn't get lost and stays accessible, ideally under the same URLs.
(In particular, all effort will be made to ensure that the URLs for
archived .zip and .tar.gz files will continue working.) However, at
some point (soon) LuaForge will no longer be accepting new releases or
CVS commits.

OTOH, LuaForge's catalog of LuaProjects should remain editable. In
particular, project owners will hopefully be able to either post links
to new releases (hosted elsewhere) or to post a notice to tell the
visitors where the new project homepage is. For all the URLs that look
like <project>, I hope to set things up so that the
content stays available until the project owner has a chance to host
the website elsewhere, in which case there we'll setup a redirect.
(I.e., you won't need to do anything _until_ you decide you want to
edit the content, at which point you will need to find a place to host

There is a lot of "hope" and "hopefully" in this, since it is all a
bit of work and it's been going slower than was expected. If anyone
wants to help out, please let me know.

> Yuri has been backing up the LF data and will work towards a
> Sputnik-based catalog, I suggest we offer whatever support he needs.
> (He may not thank me for outing his ambition here ;))

I will, if someone offers help. :)

The areas in which help would be particularly useful:

1. Testing
2. Design / CSS
3. Hosting the mailing lists (or researching good alternatives)
4. CVS archiving

 - yuri