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On 1/2/2011 5:39 PM, Shamun toha md wrote:
1) Flash
2) Java
3) Silverlight
- Why can we not simply make a cross platform LuaVM ? Which really
does nothing but at least in begin allow us web integrate ?
- Put Lua as Virtual Machine concept and spread it
- Build our own community Virtual machine as of open source LuaVM !!

Another horse that has been flogged, flogged, flogged and beaten to death ad nauseam. This must be a popular time for dead horses...

Think carefully: Do you think you were the first person to think of this?

I'll give you a very condensed comment on your idea. This topic has been repeated, repeated, repeated... <barf>

Technical merit matters very little. It's mainly business and marketing. If you can't see that, you should think about it rather more carefully.

Lua is cross platform. I advise you to check the canonical sources. Do some proper research... (not the first time it has been suggested to you)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia