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More to add related to this thread. Think carefully, do you have any Virtual machine concept except those big players, with open source ?

1) Flash�

- Closed source (no entry)
- Rules the world with there flash player (you learn action script/flex/air/alchemy/ what ever ... millions of new staff/ never ending learning road map�
- Learn there new idiot language to do low level programming, even cant allow, high frequency transmissions

2) Java�

- Closed source (no entry)
- Lovely but still, JMF/FMJ is dead for high class mission

3) Silverlight

- Closed source (no entry)
- Nothing is free, Microsoft trademark


- All those above, in a�ext-ream�level shows that it follow simply few basic features (networking/restricted file system/audio/video/ some sort of graphics/browser�integrate), that is the final goal, that allowing everybody atleast knowing those trademark

- Why can we not simply make a cross platform LuaVM ? Which really does nothing but�at least�in begin allow us web integrate ?

- Put Lua as Virtual Machine concept and spread it

- Build our own community Virtual machine as of open source LuaVM !!

Thanks & Regards


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