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On 2011-01-01, at 1:03 PM, kevin beckford wrote:

> [...] you need  a "Lua Cookbook" like Perl's  "Perl Cookbook", 

This would be great.

I have both Perl and PHP Cookbooks. Flamewars aside, these are invaluable resources. The style in the way both these books are written is great. Theory is covered, but practical solutions to everyday problems emphasized. 

I am new to Lua (using it to script Renoise) and find it very elegant. A few hurdles to overcome, obviously. But this could easily be the same for anyone who learns Lua first ,then tries Perl or PHP. If a Lua Cookbook in the same style as the above O'Reilly  classics existed, I would buy it immediately. I own "Programming in Lua, 2nd Edition" and it's OK, but there is something to be said about the cookbook format.