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Hi all,

This is a side-branch of the Lua-annotate project of David Manura [1]

It uses Exuberant Ctags to generate an annotated version of the Lua
5.1.4 source; probably the best place is to start with lua.c [2]

It includes the annotations for the Lua source provided by David at [3].

This is all statically generated, nothing fancy (as usual, I could do
with some styling advice). New annotations should be sent to David and
I will track the changes to [3] and rebuild accordingly. It's a little
embarrassing, but the script at [4] did the job.

It is possible that some serious styling errors may have taken place...

The vision of course is a fully-interactive social-web site where
interested parties can add/edit annotations online - in effect, a very
specialized wiki.

It's a fairly crude starting point, but I'm using a technique
discovered by observing South African barbeques. At some point, the
serious men are more interested in drinking than starting the fire. So
the trick is to make a semi-serious attempt at starting the fire, and
then the serious men will come in and start it properly, while
discussing exactly how long a fire must burn until meat can be put on
it. It helps to be blonde and cute, but anybody can play this game.
Which is a long way of saying: there must be a more rigorous way of
analyzing C code than ctags!

steve d.