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On 26/11/2010 11.05, GrayFace wrote:
Ideally (for Windows) with versions for the major system DLLs: MSVCRT,
the latest VC version and (possibly) cygwin.
Why? Dlls may rely on runtime dll version being the same only if they
are packaged together. Otherwise, this is a bug in dll. This bug should
be uncommon for Lua dlls, because Lua provides an allocator that solves
the problem of passing memory between Lua dlls.

Do you mean I can use a Lua executable + DLL compiled with mingw32 + MSVCRT and load, say, lfs (or any other Lua library, such as wxLua) compiled with the lastest VC and runtime (or vice versa) with no trouble? I understood otherwise, but I'll be very glad to have been in error; I'm definitely no DLL expert.

Does this also apply if Lua is statically compiled (no Lua DLL)?