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On 22/11/2010, at 6:42 PM, Axel Kittenberger wrote:

>>  What all
> sane software on windows does, is to provide an installer that comes
> with and installs all the libraries you need with it. Thats what I'd
> suggest for you. Or just link statically.

Thanks for the suggestions. Linking statically however causes crashes if you ever pull in anything else dynamically (different malloc/free address spaces). That means that you can no longer ever link in a DLL (eg. luasocket) once the main Lua is not also a DLL.

As for providing an installer, I have an installer already, and that would be fine if no-one ever wanted to "require" anything I hadn't thought of, and already provided. That is not the case however.

On 25/11/2010, at 2:09 PM, David Manura wrote:

> FYI, the 5.1 deprecated functions (now gone in 5.2) have recently been
> removed from luacom.

Thanks for the information.

On 22/11/2010, at 12:16 PM, Vadim Peretokin wrote:

> Had more to write, but as Miles pointed out, it's not Luas problem per se.

OK, I see that now. Sorry to trouble everyone. The problem is for applications that want to use Lua (particularly under Windows), not Lua itself.