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We need more fire :-)

Inspired by Smalltalk (, Block Expressions):

    [  statementSequence ]     "block without arguments"
    [  (: identifier)+ | statementSequence ]     "block with arguments"

[ x=1 y=2 return x+y ] "a block which, when evaluated, will answer the value 3"
[ object:doWithSideEffects(); return test] "a block which, when evaluated, will send #doWithSideEffects to object, and answer the object test"
[ :param | return param:doSomething() ] "a block which, when evaluated with a parameter, will answer the result of sending #doSomething to the parameter.

Obviously, leaving away a return, means no return value from the block.

Potentially extensible to include (ducking now :-):

    [ (: identifier)+ | | identifier+ | statementSequence ]      "block with arguments and local variables"